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Heels to elevate any outfit
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One of the best ways to elevate an ensemble has always been quite literal: lift it up with a heel. A pair of stilettos stashed away beneath an office desk takes your attire from “cubicle-ready” to “revved-up for date night.” An extension of mere inches can create the illusion of endless miles of legs. Summer style is no different. The heel is your secret weapon to adding a dash of excitement to any look.

Dsc 2203An open-toe daytime heel can uplift any outfit, whether it arrives in the form of a spindly slingback or a chunky clog. A peek of pedicure can instantly transform a bohemian frock into a statement or simply dress up a pair of jeans. For evening wear, we can lean into luxurious colors and fabrics. Supple satin uppers, shades of fire-engine red, and extra embellishments set the stage for going out.

We cannot forget the summer boot. Counterbalance its weight with cheerful hues like sky blue or a layer of transparent plastic. For those who prefer the more outré heel, consider the hot pink platform or even a funky zebra-pattern pump—tail included. Whatever you choose, your summer look will have already reached great heights by the time you step out the door.

For this season, we paired with one of our favorite local boutiques, Viaggio Luxury, located at 2900 Monroe Avenue. Owner Chantiza Stern frames her boutique’s shoes as “wearable art.” Each and every pair we photographed is not only meticulously crafted but represents a gorgeous combination of colors, prints, and comfort.

Witness the Cannes red mules. The supple suede open-toe architecture with small clear sides is set against a smoky translucent heel. We cannot overlook the cushioned cork footbed, a crucial feature.

The Argent high heel features two adjustable ankle straps that wrap the foot securely inside. This bronze print leather is beautiful when paired with denim and gold accessories. Ample underfoot padding ensures that fashion does not come at the expense of comfort.
Last, consider the Regal Royal floral heel. Its unique floral print is set against a subdued heel presence. Quiet, powerful, feminine. May your warm-weather days be so subtle and well considered.

Connect with Viaggio Luxury via Facebook or Instagram at @viaggio_shoes.

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