Love, energy, and grace

Fashion Week Rochester presents the area's ten most stylish people; photos by Sage Cruz Field

The magic of Fashion Week Rochester (FWR) is back this October. This year we’ll be stronger than ever as we restore the love, energy, and grace in our community. What started twelve years ago as a fun concept has turned into a big dream. We know that our community has challenges and that FWR is one way to provide creativity, talent, and joy while also raising much needed dollars for the more than 25,000 young people served by the Center for Youth.We believe that the streets and sidewalks of Rochester are also our run- ways, and we will walk them once again with pride and determination and gratitude. The theme of restoration reflects all our hopes for our own young people at the center and our Rochester.

~Elaine Spaull, executive director, Center for Youth

Selecting Rochester’s ten most stylish people is always such fun! I work on this all year. I usually spot someone out and about, and my reaction is “That’s one of Rochester’s ten most stylish!” It’s a knee jerk reaction.

~Meghan Mundy, chief fashion officer and founder, FWR


Best Dressed Couple, Tricia and Joel Vickers What stands out about the Vickers is the natural fashion sense that they each have as individuals that always blends seamlessly when they are together.Dsc09171

Nicholas Massimilian Timeless elegance from another era makes Massimilian one of Rochester’s most stylish people.Dsc09349

Chantiza Singh Creative, sleek, and show-stopping are the words I would use to describe Singh’s style. I always want to have what she is wearing in my closet, closet, too!


Guido Cristofori Cristofori is a sixth-grade teacher who loves vintage. I am drawn to his effortless and sustainable style.


Jen Schottland O’Hara Elegant, current, and chic are what makes O’Hara one of Rochester’s ten most stylish. Her inner beauty elevates every look she shows up in.


Lauren Dixon I would describe Dixon’s style as colorful, classic, and fun. She brightens up any space.Dsc09328

Matthew Spaull Spaull loves his sneaker collection, but he rocks his suits. He is versatile and diverse and always in style.


Brigid Hetzler Hetzler’s style is lavish, elegant, regal, and on the edge with a hint of risqué and class. Her style radiates out from the kindness and joy in her Irish heart.


Swanko Smoothy Smoothy masters the streetwear look through his own collection. His tagline is “Lover and Fighter,” and he is both. Colorful, deep, and meaningful is how I describe his style.


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