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Fearless wedding fashion; photos by Michael Hanlon
Wedding Fashions

We’ve all seen the classic wedding cake topper: a lovely little bride all in white (modest, of course) next to her tuxedoed groom. Simple, classic, and stylish. There is, of course, nothing wrong with the classics, but the modern wedding couple has so many new choices when it comes to what they wear on the big day. Want a little color like a pink bedecked princess? Sure, go for it! Want to walk down that aisle in a dramatic black gown like a fairytale queen? No one will dare hold you back. Heck, show a little leg, too, if you are into it. No need to be prim and proper if you’re feeling a bit spicy. Even suits and tuxedos are no longer expected to be a simple black rental.This isn’t prom, so consider splurging on a colorful satin jacket liner and a patterned tie to go with a personally tailored suit.

Wedding Fashions

L to R: Sydni (Under the Arbor), Daniel (One Custom Clothier), Marie (Bridal by J), Abriona (Joeval’s), Haleigh (Stellas), Jimmy (Adrian Jules), Chloe (Under the Arbor)


There really are infinite choices when it comes to wedding attire these days. Color is absolutely in, and daring designs are definitely de rigueur. On these pages you’ll find new and stunning fashions from local boutiques that will have you wanting to say “yes” to that dress.

MODELS: Chloe Adour, Marie Boutin, Haleigh Cole, Daniel Curry, Abriona Jenkins, Sydni P., and Jimmy V. (Sydni & Jimmy courtesy of the Mary Therese Friel Modeling Agency.)

Gowns were provided by Bridal by J (Marie Boutin), Joeval’s Bridal (Abriona Jenkins), Stellas Bridal (Haleigh Cole), and Under the Arbor Bridal (Chloe Adour and Sydni P.).

Menswears supplied by Adrian Jules (Jimmy V.) and One Custom Clothier (Daniel Curry).

Special thanks to the George Eastman Museum.

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