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Kate Melton
Centsible Chateau's DIY headboard

When my husband, Mike Noll, and I became empty nesters and moved into a new-to-us home, we began the long process of renovating the outdated house. Although it’s not actually an old country home, my vision is to make it into a faux farmhouse one room at a time. I love to decorate and the fun of finding bargain décor and thrift shop pieces to repurpose. While learning how to renovate our home, my husband also taught himself how to build furniture. Friends and family started asking us to post instructions to our projects on Facebook, and centsiblechateau.com was eventually born in October 2016.

For this project we were redecorating our son’s old room into guest quarters. We found pictures of farmhouse-style headboards online, and Mike built one as the focal point for the room. Keeping in line with our budget-themed blog, the headboard can be made for around $100 (depending on material and paint choices). This easy tutorial will give you all of the materials and instructions to build your own farmhouse headboard.

For more information, including décor sources, and to download the printable tutorial, visit centsiblechateau.com.

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