Author: TownNews Staff - Amanda Keim-Morrison

Spirit of unity

Indigenous Spirit Dancers connect to the community through tradition; photos by Marty Jimerson and Tomas Flint

Classic luxury

Rediscover the beauty around you with designer Joseph Nardone; photos by Reneé Veniskey

Making happiness happen

How Genesee Brewery produces Seagram’s Escapes right here in Rochester; photos by Reneé Veniskey

There's room for everybody

Rochester ballet companies showcase local talent; photos from the Rochester City Ballet by Thomas Rodriguez and from New York State Ballet by Demian Spindler

Concert core

Putting the spotlight on the 'fit; photos by Greg Hollar

Dance fever

How Tonya Harding and Mickey Mouse helped me through dance class; Illustration by Lissa Mathis

The visit

A Q&A with the incomparable Loreena McKennitt; photo by Richard Haughton

The medium is the message

Two local artists pave their own road forward in a city known for photography; photo of Jenn Libby by David Turner; ambrotypes by Jenn Libby

In focus

Photographers Michael Hanlon and David Turner on how they got started; photos by David Turner and Michael Hanlon

1001 rainbows

A Q&A with the legendary Carlos Santana; photo by Jeff Gerew of C7 Photography

Cultivating community

Linwood Gardens is a naturalist's oasis; photos by Holly Watson; historic photos provided by Linwood Gardens

Secret garden

The historic Ellwanger garden is Rochester's hidden gem; photos provided by The Landmark Society of Western New York

Full bloom

A brief history of Rochester's Lilac Festival

In good taste

Stylish wine bar Carnegie Cellars lands in Neighborhood of the Arts; photos by Tomas Flint

Country and coffee

Claudia Hoyser takes the stage; photographs by Greg Hollar, styling by Sarah Pavia

Coffee cure

Essential coffee liqueurs for the perfect espresso martini; photos by Michael Hanlon

Fashion police

Coffee, caffeine, and sisterhood; Illustration by Lissa Mathis

Homebrew how-to

The best way to brew a fantastic cup of coffee at home; photos by Michael Hanlon