Dress code

Fearless wedding fashion; photos by Michael Hanlon

The dress

Rock and roll wedding guest; illustration by Lissa Mathis

Gallery of love

Two couples celebrate their weddings at Rochester's Memorial Art Gallery by Chloe Adour and Daniel Curry

Southern comfort

The South Wedge’s Crisp is a love letter to Texas cooking; photos by Tomas Flint

From Peru with love

Peru’s iconic rotisserie chicken finds its way to Rochester; photos by Tomas Flint

Fire it up

Set the holidays aflame in metal, sparkles, and shine; photos by Greg Hollar

Fuel your fire

Rochester Arc + Flame Center offers unique community classes

Smells like an experience

Pour-your-own candle and custom fragrance bar celebrates two years in business; photos by Elijah Goldberg


New Kids on the Block concert seals lifelong friendships

Proof in picking

Private barrel pick are a bourbon enthusiast's dream; photos by Michael Hanlon

A family affair

Ristorante Lucano impresses on East Avenue; photos by Tomas Flint

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