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In a July interview with Billboard, Daniel Armbruster, lead singer of the indie rock band Joywave, describes his hometown of Greece, New York. While he says it in an appreciative tone, Armbruster’s quote illustrates a version of Greece that I, a lifelong resident of Greece, am not familiar with.

“It’s the kind of place where we have a mall, Applebee's, Olive Garden and Pizza Hut. I didn’t even know what nationality I was until I did three months ago,” says Armbruster.

It’s true. Greece does have a mall, an Applebee’s, an Olive Garden, and a Pizza Hut. What town doesn’t? What Armbruster leaves out is that we also have Pino’s, Ricci’s, Los Gallos, Kobe, Davinci’s, Bella Pasta, Clutch, Hooligans, the Brook House, and dozens of other unique restaurants and thriving small businesses. Greece is not some bland, middle-American town with one stop light; it’s a town of 96,095 people with its own culture and identity. Most Greece residents don’t have to use to find out their nationally. We’re Italian, we’re African-American, we’re Asian, we’re Bosnian, we’re Turkish, we’re Puerto Rican, we’re Caribbean, we’re everything, and we’re proud.

With that being said, in a town of 96,095, two people can have different points of view of their surroundings. Armbruster was complimentary of Greece and Rochester later in his Billboard interview, and as a current resident of the 585, his Flower City pride, while different than mine, is obvious.

Fresh off the July 28 release of their second studio album, Content, Joywave is set to perform at Anthology on Saturday, November 11.

Like their first album How Do You Feel Now?, Content succeeds thanks to its eclectic sound and witty, self-aware song writing. While labeled as an indie rock band, Joywave often feels equal parts alternative rock, synth pop and indie pop, making for a fun, laid-back listen.

Joywave’s unique sound has transcended its local following and gained international success. “It’s a Trip!,” the first single off of Content, reached twenty-four on the U.S alternative Billboard chart and more than 1.5 million plays on YouTube.

After the band spent the summer on tour, sharing the stage with Young the Giant and Cold War Kids, Saturday’s Anthology show marks the start of Joywave’s U.S. headlining tour, “Thanks. Thanks for Coming 2017.”

Tickets for Saturday’s show are sold out but are available on secondary markets.

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