Nick's Picks—Swan Dive

Alexander Street bar is the new "it" destination

Nicholas Abreu

Rochester’s next must-visit nightlife destination is the Swan Dive, a new bar and restaurant that sits in the two-story Alexander Street building where Havana Cabana previously operated.

Owners Jonathan Swan, Paulina Swan, and Nick Ryan, who have combined experiences at Roux, Cibon, Ox and Stone, Dorado, and the Daily Refresher, aim to bring the comfort of a dive bar and the flavors of a high-end restaurant together with their newest venture.

Classic Italian-American fare like pasta and vodka sauce shares space with bar food such as mozzarella sticks and chicken nuggets on Swan Dive’s eclectic menu.

The bar also offers both simple and complex creations ranging from beers in cans and shots to wine and unique cocktails.

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