Good Ghana

Everything about Nita Brown’s Mansa Wear is unique

Amanda Hilliard in Mansa Wear

Greg Hollar

From Accra to Cape Coast and everywhere in between, Ghana is a wellspring of fashion. The style aesthetic of the country is as diverse as the many ethnic groups that call Ghana home, but generally the vibe is electric and print focused. Bringing this free-spirited style to Rochester is Nita Brown of Mansa Wear.  

Brown brings distinct Ghanaian prints to unique clothing patterns that speak proudly of the history and significance of the fabric. Each piece is full of intricacy and is made to order right from her studio’s storefront on Park Avenue. Brown primarily uses cotton with a mix of wool, glass beads, and shell buttons, which are perfect for all seasons. 

The paisley print pleated skirt, with its long hemline, is a perfect transition piece that can be layered and worn from spring to summer.

Pictured here is the Karin gown in a stunning peacock print and feather sleeves, a timeless blend of feminine with a touch of the dramatic.


Words: Tanvi Asher

Apparel and Jewelry: Mansa Wear on Park Ave.,

Model: Amanda Hilliard 

MUA: Valeria Alvarado 

Hair: Salon Amethyst

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