The bachelor pad grows up

Spicing up a neutral color scheme

A room fit for a man

Photography by Dan Gribbin

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Stereotype be damned: the bachelor pad of yore has officially hit a growth spurt. Gone are the days of dirty dishes in the sink, cardboard beer signs, and sweaty clothes strewn everywhere. It’s clean, and it even smells pretty good. Our modern man has a sense of pride in his space and isn’t hung up on preserving his youth via “Frat-house Decorating 101.” 

Enter Dan; a newly minted thirty-something looking for a way to add some personality to his own bachelor pad.

Now just to be clear, clean is great, but it doesn’t always equate to a grown-up space. The lack of contrast in color and texture often makes for one giant yawn. Speaking from experience, how one decorates his home is the first thing a date notices when stepping inside (be it first date or tenth date—I’m not here to judge!). You should know that your visitor will scan the room like a velociraptor on the hunt for its next meal, searching for conversation starters not afforded us in your dating profile. 

And as the old saying goes, “Just be yourself,” so with some touches from Dan’s favorite collectibles and a few new pieces, we turned his beige bachelor pad into a personality-filled chick-magnet; which may or may not be responsible for his fabulous new girlfriend. (Just sayin’!) 


Amanda DeFisher is an interior stylist and co-owner of Abode, a vintage furniture and home décor shop in the South Wedge. Follow her work on Instagram and at

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