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    An unfinished manifesto for style in the 585 starts with believing we have it.
  2. The three-pound, thirty-dollar burger
    Want to finish Tavern 19's behemoth Burger? Best bring some friends
  3. Let me mezcal you, Sweetheart
    On the rocks with Bitter Honey
  4. A lily and a sparrow
    Fashion, fragrance make Medina store a destination.
  5. The adventurous gardener
    Terri Sauerhafer thinks outside the windowbox
  6. The Batavia Ramble Music & Arts Fest
    Batavia's music and arts festival returns
  7. Baby shoes that get the lead out
    Local mom’s hand-crafted mocs are a healthy hit
  8. Service with a smile - and a bark or a meow
    At some Rochester-area businesses, pets are part of the operation
  9. Hot collar test
    The electric aesthetic of Lucky Nahum’s Vluxe
  10. Pierogies and so much more, including great greens
    Geneseo’s Polish bistro features down-home cooking with modern touches
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Let me mezcal you, Sweetheart

On the rocks with Bitter Honey
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